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James Swanson

Sing the Scripture offers you a unique method of learning and teaching the Word of God.  Jim Swanson has taken hundreds of Bible verses and put them to original tunes that he has written.

In 1973 I began teaching grades 3-6 in a Christian school near Chattanooga, Tennessee. I felt frustrated trying to get the younger students to memorize the Bible verses for each lesson. The Lord directed me put the verses to music and, accompanied by a guitar, sing them with the students. This made Scripture memory fun and aided many, especially me, to meditate on the verses as the melody played over and over in our minds.

Over the years since then I have put scores of verses to music and have recorded six 60-minute tapes with accompanying song books. Each book contains the melody line and chords. All of the Scripture songs are taken from the King James Version of the Bible without paraphrasing or adding additional words. The tapes also include a few additional songs like "The Mothers and the Sisters in the Bible" and "The Silly Name Song."

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